Sunday, February 14, 2010

Dawn C, OLOL Hero 2010-1

My mother was diagnosed with Lung Cancer shortly after a visit to our home in the Spring of 2006. She never once asked how long do I have to live or why did this have to happen to me. She was the best friend that any daughter could ever ask for. We had planned a vacation for the summer of 2008 to go to Myrtle Beach for a baseball tournament for our son. She made me promise that I would go on vacation and she assured me that she would not pass away and what she called "ruin my vacation." We saw her the weekend before my vacation and I could see in her eyes that she was growing tired but she was up at the stove that morning cooking everyone breakfast. I told her that day that I didn’t want to go. She said you made me a promise and you are going to keep it. I promise I am not going to die.

As the week of my vacation went on, I called everyday knowing that this life with my mother was coming to an end. At the beginning of the week, she always picked up the other line when my Dad answered the phone. But by Wednesday of that week it had stopped. I knew in my mind that this was the end. I could not make another call to the house....I was scared. On that Friday, I received a call from my father and sister that she was not doing very well and that I should be prepared. Who gets prepared for that? I needed to see my mother one last time. So on the way home we drove straight to her house. She was in bed and she sat up and said, "Did your Father call you and tell you to come here?" I said, “Don't you remember I told you that I was going to stop by to tell you my vacation was over?”

That Sunday, as I was leaving her house, I said, “Mom I am coming back to see you tonight.” She looked at me and said too soon….I am not going to die with you here so know that I am going to be okay (if you are going to be okay). She called me that Monday to say her final words to me. She said Wendy you better behave or I will kick your _____ (this was quite funny because she never cursed). She said it was not ladylike so I knew she was serious. She said don't forget me (who could forget their mother) and she just kept saying over and over I am going to be okay, if you are going to be okay. In my mind I thought, I don't think I will be okay. Who will I call in the morning anymore? Who is going to be there when I need my Mom? And, how am I am going to say goodbye? I got the courage to say I am going to be okay and that I love you and those were our final words to each other.

My mother lived her life to the fullest and was a great Mom. My Dad found the courage to take care of my Mom and he did a great job. My mother was the light in this family and she will always be in our hearts. She showed me how important it is to keep a promise. She will always be remembered.

Dawn's slogan: Mimi- Mother, Grandmother and Great Grandmother

Submitted by Wendy H

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