Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Kaylie B, OLOL Hero 2010-9

My daughter is my hero because she is always happy despite having 3 open heart surgeries, a pacemaker placement and countless catherizations. She was hopitalized for 3 months one time and we almost lost her due to cardiac tapenade. Wow what a day that was or should I say summer...

We went to get a rountine cath and she wet into heart block so then she got a pacemaker. Then while recovering at my mom's house in MD (we live in NC), she started to feel bad and went from bad to worst quickly. We took her to the closest ER where she was quickly transported to Childrens' National Medical Center. In minutes of being in the cath lab, she coded for 25 minutes. It was touch and go for 3-4 days. Would be the same little girl when she woke up?

However when she did say her first word, it was on Fathers' Day and she said, "HI DAD!" and smiled. We knew at that moment she would be ok! After battling countless infections and a few times back to the cath lab for fluid, she was ready to go home. Just as she was before...energetic, positive and ready to play!!! Wow! Just BELIEVE is and was our motto. If she can handle this life and still smile, so can we!!!! I would like to say Kaylie Rose is and always will be my number 1 hero! To my daughter, I love you more than life and you are touched by many angels in your sweet life time! It's an honor to be blessed with you! All my love, MOM

Kaylie's Slogan: just BELIEVE

Submitted by: Leslie

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  1. Heart kids are the best! I wish you and your baby girl the best!